Day 4 Tanesashi Coast

(Hachinohe City, Hashikami Town, Aomori Prefecture) Tanesashi海岸(八户市,阶上町)
Early in the morning, we took the Shinkansen to Hachinohe, which marked the start of the Tohoku Journey:

The view along the way... from Tokyo to Hachinoche... we passed by Sendai, Fudai and Kuji... of which the scenery shifts from residential to industrial to agricultural areas.

Arriving at Hachinoche...

Lush natural turf stretches right down to the craggy rocks lashed with Pacific surf at Tanesashi. This coastal area stretches over 12 km from its northern terminus at Kabushima, famous as a breeding ground for black-tailed gulls.

(a) Tanesashi Coast - where our journey along the coastline began... Our very first 'touch base' with the Pacific Ocean... the main 'course' of the entire trip.

(b) The locomotive ride from Kuji to Fudai, of which, along the way, the enjoy the scenic view of the Pacific Ocean.

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(c) Here's the boat ride - We set off from the Kihamabanya Fishing Village, the ride on the rough sea along the coastline to view the cliffs and rock formation.
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It was kind of exciting... In fact, after the entire ride, we all agreed that it was a dangerous adventure which our lives were in the hands of the skilful fisherman who braved us through the rough and misty sea...

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  1. 没有想到,大海是那么地无情。